On Fear and Blogging… for Realtors

I spent a good 90 days paralyzed at the end of 2007.
Actually it was my fingers that were paralyzed.starting your blog

Well, really I had writer’s block… Ok, I was afraid.

Getting over my fear of exposing myself before some unseen web audience was planned.

Learning to blog in front of the world wide web is petrifying. Or that’s what I initially felt.

You see, I’m a talker. I mean, a public speaker. So I’m learning to blog. Actually, I’m learning to feel comfortable blogging.

Getting That Ol’ Feeling

Getting over my fear of exposing myself before some unseen web audience was planned. I simply started commenting on other’s blogs. Remember, I’m a speaker. Responding to other’s posts with my opinion or tips help me create a rythym of “pseudo-posting” that I could live with.

Commenting was safe. It enabled me to safely hazard my opinion and develop what felt like a casual rapport.
I know it sounds corny, but I needed to know that the web was going to be a friendly place. Even public speakers can have fear of (internet) crowds.

Get Going! 6 Tips to Start Blogging.

For realtors and professionals in real estate, try starting with Active Rain, also known as “AR.” www.activerain.com. Active Rain is an online community of real estate professionals and its affiliates where they share information, make referrals and learn from one another thru blogs and community groups.

Find your blogging rythym and get over your fear in a safe community.
Go to http://www.activerain.com and:

1. Login, its Free. Create an account profile.

2. Read the For Newbies to learn how to get started with your peers.

3. Join some groups to “Listen in” on the ways other agents Share Information.

4. Join some blogs and discussion groups to read

5. Participate in the discussion.

6. Start blogging and reading other’s blogs.

Once you have the AR culture down on sharing information and in participating in the ongoing dialogue, you can launch your own blog …safely.

AR Tip: Keep an ear out for other realtors looking for advice and referrals outside their MLS areas. There are great opportunities to be found if you can help out another and collaborate on a deal! See “Referrals” in your AR account.


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