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Stand by Me Unites Bon Jovi & Friends in Solidarity Music Video

Jon Bon Jovi teams with American musicians, producer Don Was and Iranian Superstar Andy Madadian to make music video of solidarity for the Iranian people.

BonJovi_Madadian_StandbyMe“Stand by Me,” the classic American tune
that Ben E. King made famous decades ago
is being used as a message to the Iranian people in the aftermath of Iran’s recent disputed election.

Don Was produced the music video to promote solidarity, intending the video “to be downloaded and shared by the Iranian people.”

Iranian Superstar Andy Madadian recorded the classic in LA last week with Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and American record producers Don Was and John Shanks as a musical message of worldwide solidarity with the people of Iran.

Read more and watch the music video here.

Learn more:

Andy Madadian, Iranian Superstar
Official Website:
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Jon Bon Jovi, American Rock Musician & Singer
Official Website:
On Wikipedia:
On Mahalo:
In the News

Ben E. King, American Soul Singer & “Stand By Me”
Official Website:
On Mahalo:
In the News

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Property Rentals Get Social: LetsTalkPropertyManagement

From RentShout: Property Managers Get Smart and SocialRenthsout praises LetsTalkPropertyManagement

Let’s Talk Property Management website and community for property managers get’s props for its unique offering and use of social media to develop community among the nation’s property managers.

Rentshout cites LetsTalkPropertyManagement “The value of social media for business is undeniable…. For property management professionals, this medium [social media] has the potential to change the way business is done, clients are referred, and a community is built.

Read the full article here:  Rental Advertising Blog.

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No Retrial for The Pirate Bay. Plans to sue the Swedish Government. – The Next Web

No Retrial for The Pirate Bay. Plans to sue the Swedish Government. – The Next Web.

File sharing or copy right infringement?

The world renown Priate Bay Four lost their legal appeal today for seeking a retrial in their copyright infringement case.

In an offensive legal move, The Pirate Bay will now file charges against Sweden for violation for Human Rights.

Read full article here.

Does #Iran Elections Plus Twitter Equal Democracy?

We Are the News

We are the news. We are the message. We are the messengers.
We are also the media makers.

In an interview this morning, I mentioned how the internet and specifically Twitter has changed the nature and the landscape for how we acquire information. In particular how we acquire and consume our “news.”

Traditional “broadcast media” like CNN or MSNBC must to evolve if they are to compete with the real time stream of first person accounts and observations streamed on Qik, posted YouTube, and tweeted live from all over the world.

With the media and Internet blackout imposed by Iran’s government after the 2009 national #Iran Elections, the daily events surrounding the public’s outrage and protests have been almost silenced.

News of the Iran Elections has shared public accounts thru the media blackout via cellular communications, twitter accounts, YouTube videos posted from Iranian cell users depict a disturbing story.

Media Blackout
The world media outlets would best be served streaming an aggregated, edited compilation of these user accounts “as the news.”

The Iran Elections is not the first, nor will it be the last time that real time information is broadcast and shared via the Internet.

It first made news when a California Berkeley student traveling in Egypt was arrested and sent the tweet heard round the world that led to his quick release.

In Moldova, Georgia April 2009, 10,000 protesters organized a march and take over the Presidential Palace. Organizers were expecting 1,000.

In Mumbai, India in the Fall of 2008 the public recorded and shared their observations as terrorist assaulted the GRAND HOTEL??? and other locations.

Transparency as Real Time Democracy
Now in an effort to ensure Democracy, the voices of those in Iran are relying on the Internet and cell phone to capture and share the tumultuous events following the Iran Elections.

News happens when we see it, when we make it, when we capture it.

The headline from The Economist says it all: “Twitter 1, CNN 0”.

Birth of the Netizens

The Internet is enabling a rapid change in what is now “citizen generated news:” or netizen. Hopefully commercial broadcast media will evolve fast enough to organize and report it back to us as “All the News That Fits to Twit.”

We are the news. Live it. Capture it. Share it. Remix it.

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Lifehacker’s Firefox Add-On Pack

For all the tweakers and browser buffs out there, lifehacker - - lifehacker logo
just released a treasure trove of Firefox extension add-ons as packages to download from the Firefox website.

Goodies include extensions they’ve deemed as Must-Have, for Google Chrome, Multimedia, Performance, Web Developers and more.

Firefox is the popular open source web browser from Mozilla with great extensibility for personalized web browsing.

Chrome is Google’s web browser for Windows operating systems.

Download Firefox’s browser here.
Download Google’s Chrome browser here.

Read the full article at Lifehacker – Lifehacker’s Firefox Add-On Packs – Lifehacker add-on packs.

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Are There Human Limits In Social Media?

Making the case and representing it in his blog post “Looking Behind the Curtains on the Social Media Stage,” Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research openly challenges whether the top social media publishers and mavens can maintain the transparency and authenticity they so openly espouse.
“Many of the top celebrities or top social media names
don’t even write their own blog posts and tweets,
they outsource it to others.”
   – Jeremiah Owyang

Read the full post here.

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Teaching with TweetDeck

Tweetdeck logo

Teaching with TweetDeck.

Is Tweetdeck changing the way teachers tap today’s technology?

Tweetdeck is a desktop client that enables users to display and post Twitter tweets, Facebook updates, 12-videos and to monitor their twitter network from their laptop or desktop computer.

See Tweetdeck’s recent post on Posterous on the recent gains Teachers have  found by using the Tweetdeck desktop client teaching in the classroom.

Amos White is an Internet Marketing Evangelist and public speaker.
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