5 Entrepreneurship Basics B-Schools Can Teach

Tim Berry, president and founder of Palo Alto Software, co-founder of Borland International, entrepreneur and serial blogger posts some good points on 5 Entrepreneurship Basics B-Schools Don’t Teach.

Most notably are “2. Right and Wrong” where he emphasizes the failure of business schools to impress ethics in business decision making and practice, and “3. Having a Life.”

Who teaches that it’s easier to find a new job, or build a new business, than a new spouse? Which class is that?

Berry presents solid points for today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and business leaders.
Read the full post here.

Should business schools be responsible
for the future of business culture?

Is the cornerstone of business is relationships? Do our business schools have a role and a responsibility in developing the landscape of the future business culture?

What do you think? Leave your comment here.

Amos White is a Social Media Marketing Evangelist and public speaker.
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1 Response to “5 Entrepreneurship Basics B-Schools Can Teach”

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