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14 Slides Business Needs to Thrive in the Social Web

Neil Perkin gave a keynote with a slide deck that would rival Lawrence Lessig’s.

Perkins presents key data points for navigating the social web, which resonate success for anyone engaged in social media, social networks, or simply using their smartphone.

Here are 14 slides business (or anyone) needs to know:

  • #8 – About 70% of the digital universe is generated by individuals.
  • #14 – Media brands are increasingly defined less by the platform and more by the community
  • #15 …the means of production and distribution are shared…
  • #18 …the purpose of information is to foster communication  — M.Zuckerberg.
  • #21 …attention is increasingly earned…
  • #22 …creating and supporting groups…
  • #23 …engaging and nurturing its community…
  • #25 …how can you help that comunity do what it wants to do  — M.Zuckerberg.
  • #29 …you are what you share  — C.Ledbeater
  • #31 …companies must act faster, responding in real time, to keep apace with its customers.” FarisYakob
  • #32 …its about responsiveness…
  • #38 …create content and services that [is] worth passing on.
  • #51 – Americans between the ages of 8 and 18 spend on average 7 1/2 hours a day using some sort of electronic device
  • #58 – New ways to tell stories…

Be There. Share. Show You Care.

The bottom line? The road to success will be earned by those who create and share an endless stream of information, and whom participate to support within their communities.

Feed your community. Grow your influence.
Feed your community. Earn their trust.
Feed your community.

What are you sharing?


TIm O’Reilly: Chirp Conference: Twitter as a Force for Good

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tufts Univ. Accepts Youtube Videos with Applications

Tufts University is accepting college applications from students with Youtube videos attached.

Seems the higher learning institution has adapted to embrace real time social media information enabling student prospects to differentiate themselves using creativity, identity, originality, and innovation.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “A fresh pitch on ‘U’ tube“, posted with vodpod

$104BN Company, Siemens Sets the Bar on Social Media Implementation

In addressing the “quality gap” in social media content across the web, Siemens, the $104BN German corporation, demonstrates how it has embraced the meaning of social media throughout its corporate structure in this post.

Siemens sets the bar on social media implementation
where it can not only be reached, but better seen
for many companies to now understand.

3 Key Corporate Social Media Values: Siemens

  • Open Corporate Culture

    “[W]e have set up an environment that encourages employees
    to explore using social media in their work very early on.”

    • Transparency

    “Because Siemens can see how its spotlight on certain “off-line”
    events… has achieved near real-time results through working
    with bloggers and online journalists, the understanding of
    the value of social media is increasing throughout the company.”

    “One of the things that Siemens is teaching us is the degree
    to which we can be an honest broker between bloggers, whom
    they increasingly recognize as important to their communications
    outreach, and their senior staff.”

    • Quality, Trusted Authority

    “Siemens is more concerned than most companies with blogger
    ethics, and in putting together our plan to both create a branded
    presence at Cop15, and to create quality and authority in our
    on-site reporting…”

    Corporate Social Media Leadership

    Concurrent to a previous post, simply embracing social media is not the goal. Aligning it to your company goals and objectives, and implementing it openly throughout your organization along those goals, is.

    The remaining corporate challenge is producing quality content. The question is posed, “In what ways can trusted “outside” brands or individuals with strong reputations convey quality more quickly?

    Read the full post at Social Media Today.

    Nation’s Oldest Living Couple Tweets Relationship Advice on Twitter: Are you there?

    Longest Married Couple: 85 years in 2010
    Still not on Twitter?

    Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher,
    aged 104 and 102

    Married 85 years.

    Now, they’re sharing
    relationship advice to couples
    on Twitter.

    Two Tweet or not to Tweet

    Crowd sourcing is not a new phenomenon; neither is knowledge sharing nor open communication nor open innovation. What can be learned in the open participation of collaborative communication is wholly dependent upon being there – to participate.

    Those who have gained experience in life, or success in business, tend to share their knowledge to help others learn. They write a book. Make a movie. Though how many make themselves accessible in real time to participate with others while sharing that knowledge?

    The story of The Fishers is about “relationships” and open communication, a recurring theme in many “success” stories we buy and read daily.

    Moreover, the metaphor of The Fishers on Twitter truly exemplifies this.

    Why Relationships Matter

    The transactional value of knowledge sharing is key.

    Why do relationships matter more than mere transactions?
    Transactions work when explicit knowledge is involved —
    problems must be precisely framed and solutions must be equally
    precisely articulated. Of course, this works for a certain class of
    problems but some of the most challenging problems cannot be
    precisely framed — that is part of the problem. On the other side,
    really challenging problems require tapping into the tacit knowledge
    possessed by more than one individual in order to create
    new knowledge and generate a workable solution.

    Tacit knowledge is the “know-how” that is hard to express or
    transfer and therefore much more sticky than explicit knowledge.
    Sharing this kind of knowledge typically requires long-term,
    trust-based relationships that can support the inevitable fumbling
    that occurs as we try to express and share tacit knowledge.

    Harvard Business Review, “Open Innovation’s Next Challenge: Itself.

    The Secret

    The Fishers appear to still be learning. Their secret may be that they are learning together; with each other and now, in participating with the online community.

    Many people and companies are curious to learn and deploy engagement strategies to participatie online, but for what return? How many strive to develop new, collaborative solutions in knowledge sharing with their followers.

    Relationship Matter

    The Grateful Dead give us another take on this in their citation in The Atlantic as “the most successful of all time.”

    Twitter is but one platform where users can “join the conversation.” Albeit the largest at present.

    Feed Your Followers

    What is your plan in joining the conversation?
    What will you share openly or strategically?
    How can your relationships flourish in learning from an institution that has lasted this long?

    With whom will you share this story

    Follow The Fisher’s tweets here.  You can also check out Twitter here.

    Photo: Mashable.
    @loranimal Looked for you on Twitter last November to no avail. How have you been?

    What can business learn from dog training?

    What lessons can business, managers and parents learn
    from dog training?

    Dr. Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian, animal behaviorist who presents three lessons learned.

    Watch the full video on ForaTv.

    Sheep sculptures made from rotary telephones on yay!everyday

    A new twist on “mobile phone.” Sheep sculptures made from rotary telephones.

    Sheep sculptures nade from rotary telephones - courtesy of

    via Sheep sculptures made from rotary telephones on yay!everyday.


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