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WikiLeaks Julian Assange – 60 Minutes Interview

Julian Assange (Norway, March 2010) via Wikipedia

Julian Assange (Norway, March 2010) via Wikipedia

The 60 Minutes Interview of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

Publishers must be free to publish.

— Julian Assange

The overtly controversial publisher of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange is interviewed by 60 Minutes.

What are the limits of the press, of freedom of speech, and our rights to privacy?  60 Minutes presses Assange in this exclusive interview over the fine line of what is journalism vs. espionage.

The Wikilieaks model is different.
It prefers to take raw data, make it available
and let others decide the meaning…
It beats close to the heart of the internet
and the younger generation…

— 60 Minutes, CBS News

Watch the full interview here, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, Pt. 1.

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60 Minutes Goes Social with YouTube Media Channel Partnership

60 Minutes YouTube Channel
60 Minutes Goes Social on YouTube;
Solicits viewer video feedback on program stories.

“Ask 60 Minutes”

Looking to “start a conversation,” broadcast media program “60 Minutes” makes its move to embrace social media and user-generated content via a new YouTube Channel and partnership called “Ask ’60 Minutes'”. The new channel opens up the news giant to user feedback where you can engage directly with “60 minutes” correspondents. If lucky enough, they will post your video on their show.

Surely may not be as ground breaking as Rocketboom, but will user-generated content change the way broadcast news generates and produces newsworthy content? And more importantly, in our desire to consume it?

I guess we’ll have to tune in to watch the story unfold.

Get Your 60 Seconds of Fame

Go to the “60 Minutes” YouTube channel to upload a 60-second video with your thoughts, as well as vote on others responses.


Read more on YouTube’s blog.
Visit “60 Minutes’ “YouTube channel.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

60 Minutes – Viewer Opinions – On YouTube, posted with vodpod

Is a cable price war eminent?

Will the cable revolution be televised?

This Tekrati post suggests that over two-thirds of pay television subscribers would be willing to switch providers if offered a discount.

The value-for-money result was perhaps the most important
finding of this study. It underscores a trend we have been seeing
for the past 18 months: a growing number of customers are
beginning to question the value of a “traditional” pay TV
subscription in light of expanded “over-the-top” offerings,
such as Hulu and Netflix.

Ben Piper, Director, Strategy Analytics Multiplay Market Dynamics

Consumer Loyalty:  Low, Tenuous

  1. 67% of subscribers reported overall satisfaction.
  2. Fewer than 22% of subscribers felt they were getting “value for money” that exceeded expectations.

Industry Disruption

Similar to a previous post on telephone providers, this could be a disruptive signal for Telco TV/IPTV providers. With mounting pressures from free internet platforms of Youtube, Hulu and paid sites like Netflix, Telco TV/IPTV could face a mounting downward trend in subscriberships.

See a Google Trend graph here.
See the same graph without Youtube here.


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