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Does Twitter Matter?

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Network Effect

Twitter: 90 million new messages a day, 130 million searches this August, 160 million international users, and nearly three-quarters (71%) of all tweets go un-answered or without being retweeted.

That’s according to social media analysis tool maker Sysomos.The majority of all tweets are one-way “conversations” into the ether. Or are they?

Of 1.2 billion tweets posted over a two month period that Sysomos analyzed:

  • Only 6 percent of tweets garner a retweet.
  • 23 percent of tweet get an @ reply.
  • 96.9% of replies and 92.4% of retweets occur within an hour of the original post.

So it’s not you. It’s just everybody else: reading, and not retweeting your stuff.

If a Tweet Falls in the Forest…

Do tweets have value? Does tweeting have value. Does Twitter even matter?

So if 71% of all tweets go un retweeted or replied to, a lot of people are probably asking themselves right now, “what is the value of the tweet?”

One thing  I see missing in the study is data of user/followers consumptive behaviours and engagement sentiments; how are Twitter users disposing of the information itself (tweets), and what is their experience in engaging the information?

Asking users, “what are you doing with the information of those you follow?” and “how do you feel when you read a tweet?” would round out the data set to find value in: 1) how the information being used, and 2) how the act of engaging the information stream (tweets) is perceived (strictly informative, entertainment, comforting, etc). This user data may give a little more insight into the Sysomos dataset before drawing any conclusions on its relevance or importance of Twitter, tweeting, or the value of our tweets.

Care to Retweet or Comment?

Read more at Alltop.


Facebook Facelift: Guide to New Facebook Home Page, Improves Experience

Facebook released its new look this past week with a cleaned up interface that, IMHO, offers better navigation for a more pleasant user experience.

Facebook Redesign 2010

New Look, Better Feel

Rolling out releases over its 6th anniversary week was a nice debutante.

The new Homepage presents a Top Menu with clearly visible icons  for Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications. So no more “Inbox” link. Stark red numbers appear over the upper icons to indicate you’ve got mail or a new notice.

This is a big improvement, helping users keep their field of vision in the upper half of the screen instead of searching every corner of their homepage to be notified or to IM or to remember where the applications are.

Transparency Key

Improving on the transparency of user Account Settings was a key move for Facebook.

User control your Account settings can all be reached from the Account link on the upper right of the nav bar. Users clearly access these controls to Edit Friends, adjust Privacy settings or Application Settings, check their Credits Balance, more easily access the Help Center or Logout.

Transparency builds trust. Some of the new Homepage changes move Facebook in a positive direction to restoring that trust with its users.

Other new Homepage changes feature:

  • Dashboards making Applications and Friends more visible
    and accessible. They moved them up from the bottom nav bar.
  • Limited Profile Friend List setting restricts select “friends’ “view
    of your profile. Read more on Friends List here.
  • Friend Request icon moved to top nav bar upper left;
    increases accessibility and shortens clicks to respond to requests.

What do Users Think?

See all of Facebook’s homepage changes here.

Learn more on Facebook’s Help Center here.


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