The Rise of Women in Social Networks

Brian Solis’s recent analysis of the 20 Top Social Media sites reveals interesting statistics on who is using these social media sites.

Most notably is more than the presence of women, but their clear dominance throughout the socialsphere.

  • In 16 of 20 top social media sites, women equaled or dominated men in number of users.
  • Women dominated in the top 2 social media sites, Facebook (57% women, 70.27M users) and MySpace(64% women, 70.25M users)

In interpreting the data, Solis challenges marketers and PR specialists is to participate as community managers, in contrast to the standard modus opendi of top down, one-to-many marketing.

The key lesson for marketers is a choice to participates as a social member in these sites to discover and mine the richness and network complexities.

Each network possesses a vibrant culture and ecosystem that is powered by context and connected by influential social graphs.

Inclusion begins with consistent demonstration of trustworthiness via presence, sharing, support and contributory content of value.

For complete statistics, read the full post here.

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How do you assure your marketing strategies are participatory and sensitive to community member needs?


Amos White is a Social Media Marketing Evangelist and public speaker.
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